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The Top 5 Celebrities With The Best Celeb Skin

In truth, the majority of Hollywood Celebrities only seem to have ‘perfect celeb skin’ wherever they go –  if you happen to catch them ‘on any given day’ you’ll see a much different look than what you find on the red carpet! When it comes to having perfect celebrity skin all the time- there are very few that make the cut of having that type of natural Hollywood Beauty’ that sets them apart.

With expert make-up artists and the wonderful asset of airbrushing, anyone could look as if their skin is unblemished and flawless. And… since most of the famous stars with less than perfect complexions are always captured in unflattering photos that are commonly plastered all over the tabloids, Celebrityskinsecrets.net has a genuine idea of the celebs that truly need nothing to hide or accentuate the natural celebrity beauty that they really possess.

So we have comprised a list of the celebrities that we think have the best celebrity skin – even when they go ‘all-natural’. We are also offering a Risk-Free Trial of The Hottest Celeby Skin Product of this year!


Best Celeb Skin#5: Catherine Zeta Jones


When Catherine Zeta Jones first made her acting debut in ” The Mask of Zorro” in 1998, she had the type of Hollywood beauty that makes an enormous impression. Although she is currently in the headlines for her separation husband Michael Douglas, and for openly admitting being bi-polar, her celeb skin has remained resilient and untouched by the affects of aging.

Zeta did an Interview in 2011 with “Vanity” magazine and claims that her celebrity skin secret is one made up from a natural skincare regimen that consists of coating her face with a honey rub and using salt as an anti-wrinkle scrub.



 Best Celeb Skin #4: Nicole Kidman

nicole kidman skinA recent magazine cover photo of Nicole Kidman grabbed the media’s attention, as rumors circulated that the photo was either extremely airbrushed or that Kidman had gotten some work done. She denies ever having gone under the knife, and attributes her skin’s natural radiance and age-defying look to her religious use of sunscreen (which makes sense considering her pale skin tone).  Nicole Kidman also is a hard-core advocate for non-smoking and has stated that her choice to avoid cigarettes is also one of the big factors that helps her to maintain her ageless look.




 Best Celeb Skin #3: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer-Aniston-turns-45It is hard to believe that Jennifer Aniston is 45 years old, because she does not look a day older 25! At every ‘Red Carpet‘ event her skin is radiant, youthful and stunning – her skin never appears less than glowing and healthy. Although many media outlets accuse the “Friends” star of using Botox and surgery to stay young, Aniston has openly admitted that she uses good skin care products and implements an extensive daily regimen. We can believe this because it was not too long ago that The National Enquirer ran a story which stated that Jennifer Aniston spends over $20k per month on Hollywood Beauty Products to retain her smooth, beautiful complexion.



Best Celeb Skin #2: Jessica Alba

Jessica alba celeb skinAlthough Jessica Alba is only 33 years old, she still stands out emphatically among the list of celebrities with the best celeb skin. Jessica not only has  figure that ‘does not quit’ (even after two pregnancies), but she has a wonderful, natural complexion without make-up. Jessica’s mantra of skin care is:You are never too old to start using quality anti-aging products“.

In addition, Jessica Alba is so dedicated to natural skin care. She owns “The Honest Co.” which boasts eco-friendly lines of home, beauty,  and baby care products. In fact this year alone the her company has generated of 70 Million dollars in sales.


Best Celeb Skin #1: Halle Berry

Halle-Berry-1Academy Award winning actress Halle Berry has earned her well-deserved spot as the #1 celebrity with the best celeb skin. She just always has a perfect glow to her wrinkle and fine-line free face that is unmatched by any other celebrity.  When asked in interviews about her secret to having flawless and ageless skin, the star simply states that she has good genes, eats a healthy diet,  exercises and partakes in a regular daily skin care regimen.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine,  Halle also said that she credits her good complexion to “good skincare products.”  But don’t think you need to spend a lot on beauty products to look like Halle Berry; she told In Style that “when it comes to attaining  perfect skin, you do not have to spend a fortune to get decent skin care products“.

Whether their secrets to perfect skin are premium skin care products, good genes, or secret visits to the plastic surgeon – these ‘most beautiful women of Hollywood’ are certainly the envy of us all. And they stand as substantial proof that not all celebrities  that are known for their celebrity beauty are a result of professional make-up artists, airbrushing, and expensive beauty products. We are very capable of having the type of celeb skin that we seem to be enthralled by!

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